创早Founders Breakfast SH 上海182: Be the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Fri, 08 Dec 2023 08:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Fri, 08 Dec 2023 09:00:00 GMT+08


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    Founders Breakfast is a weekly meetup connecting startups and founders to the entrepreneurial ecosystem via expert talks and trustful connections.

    Every Friday our members connect in-person with their peers to learn, grow and support each other throughout their respective entrepreneurial journeys. They are encouraged to share their startup stories, discuss current challenges, and seek support from fellow entrepreneurs. Founders Breakfast, powered by weHustle, is a community to connect, exchange, support, grow and achieve goals together. 

    We give the stage to seasoned professionals, industry experts, and serial entrepreneurs to share insights, trends, and tips that help us become better and more successful founders.



    Louisa Wong

    Executive Chairperson

    Global Sage

    Louisa Wong, a Harvard Business School graduate, is the founder of Asia's largest executive search firm, Bó Lè Associates, which was acquired by Recruit Group, the world's fourth-largest and Japan's largest HR service provider. In 2012 Louisa acquired Global Sage, a global executive search firm specialised in financial services, and expanded the firm into China and SEA as well as other industry coverages.

    In 2019, Louisa started the journey of writing her story on her iPhone, which would later serve as the foundation for her memoir. In 2023, she became the author and publisher of Women Who Chase Butterflies, her memoir that's now a Hong Kong bestseller.

    Women Who Chase Butterflies tells the heartfelt story of an introverted and socially awkward young girl born and raised to a family of hardworking immigrants in Hong Kong’s fabled Walled City. She goes on a remarkable journey that brings her to Harvard and Wall Street and later becomes a successful, self-made entrepreneur who starts the headhunting industry in China. Her journey of self-discovery reminds us to accept the things beyond our control while changing those we can, and how these decisions will ultimately lead us to become who we are.

    A passionate philanthropist at heart, Louisa created Giving Hand in 2008, a non-profit organization with a focus on facilitating corporate giving. Sales proceeds from the book will be donated to local NGOs in Asia to support victims and the prevention of domestic violence. Harmony House is the book's NGO partner in Hong Kong (www.harmonyhousehk.org).


    Be the Gift that Keeps on Giving

    "Unselfishness may be counterintuitive when faced with uncertainty.  But I've always believed that unselfishness, in the long run, will thrive."


    Hygge Cafe, STUDIDO 9

    55 Yuyao Road


    Studio 9 Map 1.jpg

    Studio 9.jpg

    Hygge Cafe.jpg


    For sponsorship and partnership opportunities contact us at becool@wehustle.cn


    Watch recordings of past presentations on 👉 Bilibili, YouTube, and WeChat Channel (find the QR code below).

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    Founders Breakfast welcomes all entrepreneurs and startup friends from all walks of life. Whether you are a serial entrepreneur, a unicorn founder,  an avid business executive, or simply a person who is curious about entrepreneurship, you are encouraged to come and be part of our thriving and supportive community. 

    We believe in building an inclusive community where everyone can discover new ideas, find first followers, learn first-hand insights and grow together in their startup journey. 2701b83c-c02a-435a-a6da-05d48475dace.jpeg





    With chapters in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen we are currently growing and expanding to other cities across China.

    Would you like to open a chapter in your city? Come and tell us your story by emailing us at becool@wehustle.cn.

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    Who we are


    weHustle copy.jpg


    weHustle is a Shanghai-based startup and innovation consulting agency. Through extensive collaborations and partnerships with startups, incubators, corporations, investors, tech communities, academia, and government entities, weHustle holds a unique position at the intersection of the innovation ecosystem resources. We offer strategy consulting, corporate innovation, digital marketing, startup engagement, event management, and community building services.

    Startups Gear 创闪




    Startups Gear connects startups to growth opportunities in just one click. 

    For startups: Startups Gear allows startups to find and apply for acceleration programs, contests, grants, perks, and freebies in a fast and efficient way. 

    For partners: Startups Gear is a Startup Relationship Management (SRM) tool that helps corporations, VCs, incubators, and event organizers discover, connect and collaborate with startups.







    International innovation and startup conference. Our goal is to bring together members of the local and international scenes to build a diverse and inclusive community. Each year, TECOM brings the most dynamic, engaging, and vibrant communities, startups, incubators, and innovative corporates under one roof to showcase their value and mission and discuss the challenges and opportunities.


    We hope with TECOM we not only facilitate, strengthen, and promote China’s technology and innovation scene but also provide a bridge between corporates, startups, and professionals of various industries to connect, integrate and innovate without borders.




    Between Meetings

    Between Meetings.jpg


    Between Meetings is a series of on-the-go interviews in which we discuss innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our guests are industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators. We catch them between meetings. In a car ride across town, they share inspiring stores, personal experiences, industry insights, and practical advice on how to scale your way to success. 

    Between Meetings 是一系列的即时采访。其中我们讨论了中国速度下的创新、技术和创业精神。我们的嘉宾是行业领袖、企业家和企业创新者。我们在会议间隙邀请他们,在一次次穿越城市的旅途中,他们分享了鼓舞人心的故事、个人经历、行业见解和实用建议,以帮助你在中国及其他地区取得成功。

    For sponsorship and partnership opportunities contact us at becool@wehustle.cn


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